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Support Audit


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Support Audit


The Support Team was responsible for all inbound customer communication including technical issues, product feedback, difficulty navigating the onboarding process, refund/cancellation requests, and more. The Customer wanted to pull out onboarding content and activities, and build a dedicated onboarding team to enhance their customers' experiences.

Image by Sticker Mule
Image by Corinne Kutz


An audit was performed to understand the customer's experience onboarding to the product. Team interviews were conducted with all members of the Support Team to identify onboarding-specific content and processes. The goals were to decrease new customer cancellations by facilitating a more targeted onboarding separate from the customer support flow.


The recommended changes centered around dedicated resources, content, and processes for onboarding customers to get them to their Aha moment via the pre-existing and well-performing product tour. 

By building out a separate focused Onboarding Team, the company was also able to increase the sales saved out of unnecessary cancellation requests.

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